Using dental implants to restore the smile after tooth loss

The dental implant is a reliable and versatile restoration used in dentistry today. Dr. Franklin A. Landers and his team in Boynton Beach, Florida, find they can be utilized in several different situations. This makes them a popular solution for many patients who visit us with tooth loss and restoration needs.

How do dental implants restore the smile?

Some of the ways in which this treatment can be used are described below:

  • Replacing a single tooth. The most common use of dental implants is to replace one missing tooth in the smile. The implant is placed below the gum line in the jawbone, where it fuses to the bone and then supports a custom-made tooth replacement. This is an excellent solution for patients who want a permanent restoration that looks and feels like their natural teeth.
  • Supporting multiple or full or partial dentures. Dental implants can also stabilize multiple missing teeth or full jaw dentures, making them much more comfortable to wear. Implants act as anchors to which a removable partial or full denture can attach, making it less likely for the denture to slip out of place. This procedure can help improve stability and bite force when eating, talking, and smiling with confidence.
  • Jawbone preservation after extraction. In cases where adult teeth must be extracted due to decay or trauma, dental implants may be used to help preserve the underlying jawbone. After removal, the implant replaces the natural tooth root, stimulating the surrounding bone and preventing volume loss in the area.

These are just a couple of the ways that dental implants can be used to improve smiles using modern technology. 

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